St. Louis Lawn Care

Landscaping and Professional Lawn Care

St. Louis’s best lawn care and landscaping company Greenstone Landscaping provides clients great customer service and quality lawn care

Greenstone Landscaping is a locally owned and operated St. Louis lawn care company.  We have been providing lawn care and landscaping for St. Louis since January of 2003 and established our lawn care and landscaping business by consistently providing quality service, a quick response and an honest approach.  Greenstone Landscaping is a great lawn care and landscaping company that provides St. Louis with lawn services such as; aeration, fertilization, weed control, landscape design, landscaping, lawn care, leaf clean up, lawn renovation, grass sod, mulching, gardening and planting.  We are a proud member of the St. Louis Better Business Bureau, please take a moment and view our BBB review of our company.


Core aeration is the mechanical means of removing small plugs of thatch and soil from a lawn to allow an exchange of air between soil and atmosphere, aeration also helps loosen compacted soils.  This process is recommended for most home lawns to:  relieve soil compaction, reduce excessive thatch layers and allow moisture to make deep into the soil.  Greenstone Landscaping performs aeration service in the spring and fall for the most part, but we do aerate lawns any time of the year.


A soil test is performed to identify the needed information and then is develop into a customized fertilization/weed control package specified to your lawn.  We also perform regular property inspections and follow up on fertilizer and weed control application to judge their success.  Treatments and soil amendments will include regular fertilizer, weed control applications, core aeration, lime | gypsum, turface applications and dethatching.

Landscape Design

Landscape design is the most common initial service that is requested because people want their landscape to be beautiful.  After the landscape design is in place all customers want it maintained correctly so they get the most out of their new landscaping. We provide weekly, bi-weekly and monthly property maintenance programs for all of our clients. Services include; weed pulling, edging, bush trimming, flower pruning, soil cultivation, leaf removal and general cleanup.  Greenstone Landscaping performs these services with great attention to efficiency and detail, allowing you to focus on your family and life.


We are the St. Louis areas best landscaping contractor with beautiful landscape designs, professional experienced workers and reasonable pricing.  Greenstone Landscaping is an experienced landscaping company that provides clients professional workmanship and beautiful landscapes.  Our services include decorative walls, garden bed creation, landscape design, sidewalks, driveways, stone garden bed edging, landscape drainage solutions, annual plantings, bulb installation, mulching, bush trimming and many other landscaping services.  We only use the best landscape materials for our landscaping projects.

Lawn Care

St. Louis lawn care company Greenstone Landscaping provides weekly lawn mowing service that includes lawn mowing, trimming, edging and blowing debris off sidewalks, patios and the entire driveway.  Bi-weekly schedules are also available for slower growing properties.  We maintain our mowers regularly and pride ourselves on that fact that we keep our mower blades extremely sharp.  Mowing your lawn at an optimal height and on a regular schedule keeps your lawn healthy and helps prevent lawn weeds.  Greenstone Landscaping serves both residential and commercial clients.

Grass Sod Installation

Repair bare spots or entire sections of your lawn by installing new fresh sod.  Greenstone Landscaping also performs new lawn installations for new construction homes or complete lawn renovations.  We use grass sod that is grown within 100 miles of St. Louis and is cut and delivered the same day as installation.  Grass sod installations provide instant gratification and high end curb appeal. Once your lawn has been renovated a regular fertilizer and weed control program will help your new lawn look great all year.

Leaf Clean Up

Leaf clean up and removal service Greenstone Landscaping makes your fall leaf clean up simple and worry free. We also clean up your property after strong storms leaving damage. We can blow leaves from your lawn and landscaping and take the leaves to the curb or remove them as well.

Mulch | Delivery | Installation

Greenstone Landscaping delivers and installs all types of mulch, ground cover and rubber mulch.  We are also able to deliver and install all types of topsoil, fill or decorative rock.  Rubber mulch is the newest product on a long list of mulch and ground cover products we offer to our clients.  Mulch delivery and installation are available for your convenience.