Clean Up

Spring | Fall Clean Up

Greenstone Landscaping clean up services; plant trimming, selective pruning, weed pulling and blowing leaves from the lawn and garden areas.

Greenstone Landscaping provides leaf clean up in the Spring, Summer and Fall of every season. We are the professional leaf blowing, lawn waste removal and storm damage clean up company in St. Louis, MO.  Removing leaves and lawn debris from your lawn allows moisture and oxygen to make to the soil surface, which will help your lawn breath better.  When leaves sit on your lawn they will block out any sunlight and moisture that your lawn needs to survive.  This will end up choking out the patch of grass that the leaves are sitting on creating a bare spot on your lawn all winter and going into the spring next year.  By simply cleaning the leaves off a lawn before winter greatly increases that quality of the returning lawn in the spring.


Professional leaf removal and yard waste clean up company.

Clean Up and Removal Services

All trees drop their leaves at different rates because each tree has taken in different amounts of water and nutrients throughout the year.  This makes scheduling leaf clean ups a little challenging and that is why we charge by the hour for leaf clean ups.  We prefer the client allows us to service the property’s yard waste removal on our schedule.   Every leaf clean up is different due to the amount of leaves on a particular day or the weather conditions.  We are able to blow and clean your leaves to the curbside or remove them completely and properly dispose of them.  Yard waste removal services include; scheduled lawn and garden blowing, curbside leaf pick up, entire property blowing and leaf collection, broken tree branch removal, storm damage services and general lawn debris removal.

Holiday | Storm Damage | Clean Up

Greenstone Landscaping offers holiday landscape clean up and removals.  Holiday leaf and yard waste clean ups are scheduled on a first come; first serve basis and the schedule begins filling up extremely fast.  We will do our best to fit in any special requests, the scheduling for leaf clean ups and yard waste pick up are made in advance to insure that we meet our clients request.

St. Louis and St. Louis County have been hammered recently with some extreme spring and summer storms causing a great deal of property damage.  We are licensed and insured to clean up properties after a severe storm does damage to your lawn and landscape.  Greenstone Landscaping is properly equipped to safely remove broken tree limbs, downed trees, damaged bushes and or plants, leaf and general yard waste all generated from an extreme storm.

Professional storm damage clean up company | D & S Lawn Service