Fescue Sod Installation

Planter Bed Tear Out and Fescue Grass Sod Replacement

A former garden bed area of a St Louis grade school torn out and turf prepared

First thing to do was to completely tear out and remove the existing landscaping. The raised landscape timber garden beds came apart easily as they were old and the materials was starting to fail. The soil contained in the planter beds was a dark rich mix and was spread throughout the entire area. We roto tilled the garden mix soil into the existing soil around the planters. Therefore mixing all the organic matter together and loosening the turf which helps the new grass sod take root. After roto tilling the area we hand graded to insure a positive grade away from the building to better handle storm water.

Fescue Grass Sod Installation

Once the soil and grade conditions of the new turf area were prepared we took our measurement for our new Fescue grass sod. We take the extra step and scrape away about an inch of soil along all sidewalks and patio. This step allows the new grass sod to meet the concrete or paver surface perfectly. This detail step elevates the quality of the overall landscape project and separates Greenstone Landscaping from other less experienced companies. Pallets of Fescue sod finally arrive freshly cut and rolled by the sod farm ready for installation. We rolled out all the new sod paying close attention to how the seems laid against each other and hand cut all the edges along sidewalks and patio.

New grass sod needs to be watered in and treated for insects as these are the two most important concerns when planting Fescue sod. We watered the new sod deeply and used a sod roller to compress the sod root mass down into the existing turf. This landscape project which was a new Fescue sod installation landscape design turned out really well. The weather was great, soil conditions were ideal and finally the grass sod was really healthy and perfect for installation.