Flagstone Patio

Landscape design including flagstone patio and concrete sidewalk.

Flagstone patio installation in Webster Groves in the St Louis County area. This landscape design included existing plant usage, two concrete sidewalks, lawn renovation and a flagstone patio. First step is to tear out existing landscape design and removal of all unwanted materials. Secondly we move all the existing plants to their new locations according to the landscape design. Next step is to grade all lawn areas, pathways and layout of the new patio area. Once the grade is established then we start laying out new flagstone while we also prepare for the new concrete sidewalks. Another step once the grading is complete is the installation of the new grass sod. Water regularly! Mixed concrete is delivered and poured within our concrete forms to establish new concrete pathways from driveway and sidewalk to home. Our next step is to finalize the layout of the patio and prepare the entire patio and sidewalks for polymeric sand installation. Once the area is thoroughly cleaned we finally brush and water in the polymeric sand also called Gator Dust, leaving a solid grout between the flagstone in order to complete the landscape project.