St. Louis Landscape Design

Greenstone Landscaping landscape design uses both the natural lay of the land and a well planned seasonal planting schedule. Therefore developing beautiful landscapes throughout all the seasons.

Landscape design is a powerful tool that works with your property to enhance the natural attributes by utilizing seasonal planting of annuals and well placed perennials. Proper landscape desing will increase the landscapes ability to handle excessive rain water. Healthy landscapes grow native plants really well and many plant types well therefore distinguishing your property from the entire neighborhood. Greenstone Landscaping is known for the great use of land to naturally control storm water. We develop and nurture native plant growth and most importantly giving our clients properties an identity of their own.

Maintaining your landscaping includes; weed pulling, edging, bush trimming, soil cultivation, mulching, flower pruning, leaf removal and general landscape maintenance, which can be a great deal of work.  Regular garden or landscape maintenance increases your landscape’s appeal. A nice landscape also increases the satisfaction you receive from your beautiful gardens. Seasonal planting elevates the quality of your garden experience because the environment will have color and blooms for most of the season.

St. Louis County Property Maintenance

Seasonal Planting

Spring time is the best time of the season to plant Impatiens, Vinca, Coleus and a host of other spring annuals. Each of these annuals deliver great color and have long lasting blooms. Spring is a great time of the season to plant new shrubs, small decorative trees and other perennials.

Summer planting season is great for Petunia, Zinnia, Moss Rose and one from the spring season is Vinca, these tend to do well all year. Summer time is usually very hot and dry here in St Louis. These plants will do very well in these conditions. All plants require watering throughout the season.

Fall season is best for late season bloomers such as;  Geraniums, Mums or Chrysanthemums, Pansies and Verbena. Impatiens will perform well with the increase of fall rain water and cooler temps, however they will only keep blooming until the first frost. Pansies can be leaf in pots or garden areas because they may come back in the following spring.