St. Louis Landscaping

Greenstone Landscaping

Clean Up, Seasonal Plantings and Mulching.

St. Louis landscaping attention to detail is the main factor that separates Greenstone Landscaping from other companies.  The St. Louis landscape customer demands a high level of skill and experience when it applies to the care of their gardens and landscapes.  Greenstone Landscaping provides St. Louis professional, experienced and skilled contractors that care about what they do and respect the landscape service they provide.  We are a proud member of the St. Louis Better Business Bureau.

Spring and Fall Clean Up

Your landscape is beautiful and keeps growing and changing as the seasons come and go. Shrubs and plants need to be trimmed back as they grow and mature in your garden areas. Our landscaping crews have the experience and expertise to properly prune and trim your plants. Leaves tend to get bundled up under existing plants and bushes causing some issues with insects and disease on the plants. Greenstone Landscaping will blow out and remove all the lawn and landscape debris from your property allowing all your plants to flourish and grow in the best way possible.

Seasonal Planting

Spring, Summer and Fall all have the desired plants that bloom well at certain times throughout the season. Greenstone Landscaping plants bulbs in the fall time that will bloom in the early spring for many seasons to come and provide great early season color. Early spring plants provide an early season burst of colors such as Impatiens and Vinca.  Summer plants continue the great use of color in your garden beds and provide a place for butterflies and bees. Fall time is a great time for late season blooms such as Mums. We will plant all your annuals and flower pots for your patio and porch.


Landscape clean up, trimming and seasonal planting is shown off using a new layer of mulch. Mulching also protects the plants from too much water in the spring and helps maintain moisture levels in the drought of the summer season. We earth edge all garden bed areas to create a line of separation from the lawn and prep all old mulch by cultivating it and grading out uneven areas. Greenstone Landscaping installs all types of mulch from dyed bulky material to the finer natural triple ground mulches.