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Greenstone Landscaping delivers and installs all types of mulch.

Greenstone Landscaping  delivers and properly installs all available kinds of mulch. Mulching choices can be overwhelming sometimes because there are several types and colors of mulch available so let Greenstone Landscaping help make the correct choice.  Request a free consultation from Greenstone Landscaping to discuss what mulch types of mulch are best for your property and garden areas.  Greenstone Landscaping is able to deliver and install all types of topsoil, fill or rock.  The only limit of mulch we can handle is the size of your request.

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Mulch Installation

First mulching by Greenstone Landscaping includes earth edging along all the garden areas that meet lawn. Secondly we also cultivate existing mulch to turn it over and help it biodegrade so that it turns into soil. Most importantly our landscape crews perform a general clean up before the mulch is installed. Finally, after the beds are properly cleaned of waste and properly cultivated to insure proper drainage and soil condition; a fine layer of mulch or top dressing of mulch will be installed.

Greenstone Landscaping takes care to only top dress your garden areas because too much mulch does not biodegrade well therefore can cause fungus and disease problems.  Our clients usually requests earth edging because it is a professional look and it helps to keep the grass from growing into your gardens.  Greenstone Landscaping also removes old mulch if necessary because too much mulch will cause disease or fungus issues.  Soil cultivation of the old mulch is a great way of conditioning the garden soil to help with microbial and nutrient enhancement which will help your plants and bushes.


  • Hardwood  – Premium, shredded hardwood for mulching around trees and in the garden. Bulky material and multi-ground material also available.
  • Fine Mulch – Black Gold Compost is mixed with double | triple ground aged hardwood  therefore making beautiful fine mulch. This product is perfect for landscape and garden applications.  Long lasting color and great benefit to the soil as it is easier and quicker to break down to create new nutrient rich soil.
  • Compost – Triple ground and aged hardwood  mixed with organic material to insure a high level of microbial life. This mulch is finely textured with a “coffee grounds soil” appearance and seems like it is deal for mulching perennials and flower beds.
  • Screened Chips – Chipped hardwood from slabs and scraps uniform in size, with low bark production. Good for walking paths & playground areas.
  • Color-Enhanced  – Durable alternative to oak bark and cedar mulches, these color-enhanced mulches retain their color and texture up to 18 months.  Many colors available.
  • Pot Mix Soil  – A mixture of aged hardwood mulches and compost material. Rich in organics, microbial life and natural fertilizers for beautiful flowers and great performing potted plants.
  • Pine Bark – Consists of shredded and composted bark from pine trees; a fantastic product for a ground covering under an evergreen tree or bush.  Overtime as the pine bark breaks down it becomes a great source of food for evergreen plants

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