Paver Walkway

Concrete Sidewalk Tear Out

  Paver walkway installation as a replacement for the old crunchy and concrete sidewalk. The concrete sidewalk was beginning to fail, shift and was becoming a nuisance to use. The client asked us for a replacement using concrete but wanted to explore different options. The paver walkway was an option that made the path nicer looking and broke up the monotony of all the concrete around the property and it really added some nice curb appeal. First we busted up the existing concrete sidewalk using a jack-hammer. After the concrete was broke into melon sized pieces we loaded them into our dump trailer for proper disposal. We then began to prepare the area for the new paver pathway installation.

Paver Pathway Preparation

  The original concrete sidewalk has been completely broken up and removed from the area. Once the area had been cleared we dug out the pathway wide enough to set our edging material in a mortar mix. Concrete pavers were used on their side as a firm and steady edge as to lay out our new paver pathway. After we set the edging we began bringing in 3/4 inch minus or crushed limestone as our base material. The base material needs to be packed extremely well as to help the new pavers sit level and avoid any unnecessary movement. We then began to prep for a sand sub base and paver installation.

Paver Sidewalk Installation

  New concrete pavers were delivered along with the necessary sand for our sub base. We completed the screed of the sand and began to install the pavers for the new pathway. The pattern we chose was a running bond as it allows for minimal cutting and an awesome finish look. There were a few cuts needed at the beginning and end of the pathway as predicted. This paver pathway installation was a nice addition to the existing landscaping and really complimented the home. Finally we used a polymeric sand to fill in all the spaces between the pavers and lock them into their final positions.