Storm Water Drainage

Rain Gutters and Downspouts

Storm water drainage systems that are designed and installed by Greenstone Landscaping greatly improves the landscapes ability to handle large storms and light rains very well. Water will allows follow the path of least resistance. We design water collection systems that allow for easy entry and a smooth carry away. Landscape drainage that is properly designed and installed improves soil conditions of garden and lawn areas. The soil does not compact and wash out.

Greenstone Landscaping designed and installed a storm water drainage system recently in Webster Groves. It greatly improved the water management around this old Webster home. First we dug out the trench for the drainage tubing and set out path of least resistance. The existing gutter drainage allowed rain water to collect on the low side of the home. It would pool over the patio and along the basement wall. Secondly we laid out the drain tube, dry fit all the connections and glued the tubing together. We filled in the trenches using existing soil and the cut out grass sod, once all the drain tubing was in the ground and permanent .

Storm water drainage systems offer a great deal of functionality that greatly improves the house, landscape and lawn. Storm water erosion and static water pressure against basement foundations cause tremendous damage to landscapes and homes. Contact Greenstone Landscaping for a free consultation.  Let us know how to improve your landscapes ability to handle heavy spring and fall rains.