Landscape Timber Wall Repair

Damaged Railroad Tie Tear Out and Replacement

Determine Quality of Existing Timber Wall

Greenstone Landscaping was asked to look at a landscape timber wall in the city of Kirkwood, MO in order to replace the entire wall or just repair the damaged timbers. Upon the investigation of the existing railroad tie wall we discovered there were several timbers that were still in good condition and could be re used. Most of the time we will tear out the entire timber wall and replace with either new concrete block, landscape timbers or natural stone but in this case due to budget concerns we decided to replace the damaged ties. This project went well with very few issues as we dismantled the existing wall structure, disposed of the damaged landscape timbers and rebuilt the railroad tie wall using the good timbers and new timbers.

Dismantle and Repair Retaining Wall

First we assessed the existing wall structure by tapping a hammer along all the timbers and poking them looking for soft wood and hollow sounds. Secondly, we identified the landscape timbers that were in need of replacement. Greenstone Landscaping began taking apart the timber wall. Then the damaged landscape timbers were properly disposed of at a local dump or waste transfer station. New landscape timbers were purchased and delivered to the job site by Kirkwood Material, which is a material supply company that we use regularly because of the quality of the products and professionalism they offer.

Once we had all the materials on site we began the process of reassembly of the landscape timber puzzle which turned out to be a retaining wall. This project required us to measure and remeasure as the usable pieces and the new pieces had to be cut and put together carefully as to insure the best fit. The finished landscape timber retaining wall is structurally sound, looks great and will serve the home owner for many years to come. Finally we cleaned up the job site and graded the soil around the wall and repaired any damaged areas of the lawn.