Zoysia Sod Installation

1100 square feet of weed and disease infested lawn removed, soil amendment and new Zoysia sod installed.

Soil Preparation

First day we stripped the entire area of the lawn that due to poor soil conditions only would grow weeds with very little grass.  A soil test revealed disease in some areas, compacted soil and that the soil was nutrient deficient.  The customer informed us that a few years earlier a large oak tree had been removed and the stump was ground down and because the area recieves more sunlight they want to use Zoysia sod.  Secondly, we tilled the area to relieve some of the soil compaction.  We then added our soil amending products and tilled them into the soil and watered thoroughly.  Lastly, we cut the edges out to insure a smooth transition to the existing turf.  Soil preparation for sod installation or sewing grass seed is crucial for a successful healthy new lawn.

Zoysia Sod Installation

The second day we started by watering the soil to help integrate the soil amendment products.  Secondly, we waited for the soil to begin to dry; we raked out the soil for the final grade and raked out our edges.  The Zoysia sod finally arrived mid morning and the soil conditions and temperature was perfect for sod to go down.  The Zoysia sod got laid in and all the edges were cut to fit.  We watered thoroughly, and then rolled all the sod into its final position. This lawn renovation was straight forward and simple to solve.  The lawn looks better now and will continue improving.

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