St. Louis Core Aeration


Core aeration helps elevate soil compaction in heavily traffic areas, extreme wet then dry parts of the lawn and the areas of poor soil conditions.

Core aeration is the mechanical means of removing small plugs of thatch and soil from a lawn. This allows an exchange of air between soil and atmosphere.  This soil amendment and turf management is recommended for all lawns to help increase the quality of your healthy lawn.  St. Louis aeration has many benefits including; relieving soil compaction, reducing excessive thatch layers and allowing moisture to make it deep into the soil.  Not only will aeration help loosen compacted soil but it will also improve the way your lawn drains and uses excess rain water.  Proper fertilizing and soil conditioning of your turf at the same time as aeration will allow the nutrients your lawn needs to grow, to make it deep into the root system.  Lime, Gypsum and microbial introduction at the time of aerating also increases the amount of air integrated with the soil.

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Soil amendment will renovate a lawn from the turf up. Turf conditions are vital to the health and quality of your lawn.

Soil naturally compacts as the organic matter begins to break down.  This is good for the soil but over the years soil compaction and traffic can make the soil become very dense in turn, will not allow for a lawn root system to develop.  Surrounding trees, shrubs and other plants will drain the soil over time and reduce the amount of nutrients available for the lawn to grow and be healthy.  This will cause bare spots throughout your lawn.  Core aeration will help to alleviate soil compaction and allow for the lawn roots to take root.  It will also allow more nutrients, oxygen and water to make below the surface.  Which will help with soil conditions and encourage more grass growth. Proper lawn care will include a balance of aerating, soil amendment and proper use of rain water.

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