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Lawn fertilizer, weed control and turf management services will improve the look and health of your lawn.

First, we will perform a soil test and this test will give us the correct information on how to get your lawn looking better or maintain its current condition.  Greenstone Landscaping then will customize a fertilizer and weed control package specified for your lawn.  Your lawn care needs are based on what the soil is in need of.  The best time of year to apply nutrients, soil conditioners or weed killer is aligned with what your soil is deficient in and moisture levels.  Complete soil amendment and soil conditioning are both important components to an overall healthy lawn.  Proper turf conditions will encourage a healthy turf and will not allow weeds to even develop, natural weed control system. Soil conditioning for your lawn is developed and implemented only to amend your soil, but herbicides for weed control are applied with extreme caution as not to hurt the environment.  Insects can destroy a lawn pretty quickly so keeping insect damage to minimum is also included with our fertilization packages.  Grub worms and other lawn pests can easily be controlled with the correct pest control treatments.


Lawn Fertilizer | Weed Control | St. louis

Basic Lawn Fertilizer | Turf Management Program

Early Spring Pre Emergent Weed Control | Fertilizer

Early spring is the best time of the year to address future weed control issues by applying a pre-emergent weed control herbicide and general lawn food.  Pre-emergent weed control will prevent some weeds from even germinating.  Feeding your lawn in the spring will help allow your lawn to grow weed free and develop the way a healthy lawn should.  Early spring lawn fertilizing is important because the fertilizer will be absorbed into the soil and take effect during your lawns longest growing season.

Late Spring  Post Emergent Weed Control | Fertilizer

Post emergent herbicide is applied to eliminate any weeds that have appeared.  The spring is a great time of year to feed your growing lawn.  Your lawn is growing extremely fast this time of year because of all the rain. It is important to keep your lawn mowed frequently.  Weed control during this period is vital because during this season weeds are growing and trying to establish themselves for the entire season.  Weed killer applications during this period will eliminate all existing weeds and help to prevent new lawn weeds from forming.

Summer | Fertilizer | Spot Spray Weed Control

A slow release lawn food is applied in the early summer that will not burn your lawn in the extreme heat of our St. Louis summers.  A spot spray post emergent herbicide product is applied to remove and eliminate unwanted weeds.  We will also treat for grubs and insects at this time of year.  Insects are eradicated from your lawn during the summer application so that your lawn’s root system can develop into a healthy lawn.

Fall | Fertilizer | Spot Spray Weed Control

A general lawn food is applied along with a weed and feed application.  After the extreme summer heat begins to cool down lawn weeds will start to grow and try and reestablish themselves.  Lawn feeding and a spot spray weed control herbicide will help to kill weeds in the lawn and feed your lawn during its second growing season.

Late Fall | Aeration | Overseeding

Fall is the best time of year to aerate, amend your soil and prepare your property for the upcoming season.  Core aeration alleviates soil compaction and allows your lawn to breathe in order to receive much needed nutrients and oxygen.  While the soil is open, it is the best time to plant new grass seed as it will have the chance to make it below the surface and begin germination.  Fall over seeding and soil amendment yields better results than at any other time of the year including the spring.  Lime, gypsum and turface applications will benefit your lawn most if applied in the correct application.  Aeration leaves the soil turned over and able to absorb fertilizer, soil conditioners and grass seed.

Soil Test | Lime | Gypsum | Turface Applications

A soil test will inform us on how many much lime, gypsum or turface to apply.  Soil amendment will dramatically change the appearance and beauty of your lawn.  Turface applications will improve how your lawn deals with excessive rain water.  Gypsum will allow clayish soils to break down and loosen.  Lime applications will change the ph of your soil and improve growing conditions for your lawn, therefore improving the growing conditions of the turf.  Soil condition improvements make long lasting impacts on the quality of the lawn and will yield better lawn care results.