Lawn Renovation

Grass Sod | Delivery | Installation

Soil amendment, improve lawn and install grass sod to completely renovate your lawn.

St. Louis lawn renovation can be achieved many different ways such as; complete soil amendment, soil test to learn soil conditions, grass sod installation, new lawn install, natural soil amendment with organic materials and many other ways. Your lawn takes a great deal of abuse by foot traffic, full sun damage or poor soil conditions. We can amend the soil and increase turf density by over seeding and other soil amendment processes.

St. Louis grass sod, delivery and turf sod installation will give you a new lawn and a beautiful landscape. New lawn grass sod is a great way to make your lawn look great in a day. Greenstone Landscaping can install new lawns for new home construction or perform complete lawn renovation to help repair damaged turf and make your lawn look great. All grass sod projects that Greenstone Landscaping does use local grass sod farms to grow and deliver all turf sod materials. We will do the finish grading and soil preparation for the new sod installation. Greenstone Landscaping installs all types of grass sod. Some grass types only perform well in certain soil conditions and will rely on the amount of water it receives. We do install Zoysia, Fescue and Bluegrass sod.

Organic Soil Amendment

First organic soil amendment or natural turf management are services that Greenstone Landscaping provides. Secondly these services involve performing a soil test to indicate the true condition of the soil and the current turf conditions. Natural lawn care uses organic fertilizer, organic soil conditioners and microbial solutions to naturally change the soil conditions to amend the turf condition to improve the lawn. In conclusion organic lawn care is based on changing soil conditions however we use natural materials and processes to improve the turf. Lime, gypsum, microbial introduction, top dressing, organic material and other natural materials can improve your lawn. As well as synthetic fertilizers.